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Ha ha is this post trolling? This is the «target group» of millions of other women in NYC. I can tell if you trolling or not. The dating struggles of women of all age brackets in NYC is well documented. States can absolutely engage in terrorism. Most academic and government definitions consider terrorism to be the use of indiscriminate violence by some group that aims to coerce another group into adopting a certain behavior or taking specific action. States can use it to coerce submission to stratified societies (like apartheid or slavery), discourage the civilian support of active rebellions, or discourage immigration of diaspora populations.Major examples of state terrorism include scorched earth counter insurgency employed in the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, the mass kidnapping and conscription of children into state militias like in Liberia and Sierra Leone (among many others), and the state sanctioned lynching of black Americans.TL;DR: Some group + Indiscriminate violence + political goal = terrorism.

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