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Planks. Look into FM 7 22, yes I know its PRT, but there are some good things in there. 60/120s are great and will help with your run. When I played we did a few drills is slow motion to really get the form down. Slow deliberate longggggggg strides and looongg crossovers with low center of gravity. Try going around the faceoff circles on each side backward and forward like this as well as some straight up and down the rink until it becomes muscle memory.

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canada goose In general I just hate Xerath.Q that can literally shoot further than vision, 2 forms of CC to protect himself, good cooldowns compared to other CC mages, great mana mangement, naturally tanky for a mage, good movesepeed for a mage, good AP ratios, an ultimate that punishes you for escaping a fight at low HP. Whenever I say he canada goose outlet toronto address doesn have downsides people always point to his lack of escapes but 2 forms of CC, good MS, good toughness is more than enough of an escape. How many times has a Xerath just WALKED away from you while shooting spells backwards?Playing against him in the new ARAM is awful too because his Q scales so well with skill points. canada goose

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