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I hate the naming calling, and bickering as well, it makes

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Narration: There were worrying signs though that the north island dolphins were in trouble. Something had caused a population crash, but what? Franz Pichler from Auckland University, went looking for the answers in ancient dolphin DNA. Using teeth from dolphin skulls up to 140 years old, he read the disturbing history of a population in decline..

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In this Friday, June 16, 2017, photo, «Marun Myongtae» or dried pollack, a favorite among North Koreans, usually eaten with beer, is placed on a restaurant table in Pyongyang, North Korea. In South Korea, a tiny restaurant whose Korean name means «People from Different Homelands Come to Gather in One Place» attracts patrons from across the country serving up potato pancakes, blood sausage, and memories of North Korea the outcast homeland those patrons may canada goose clothing uk never see again. (AP Photo/Wong Maye E).

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