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I know this because the Vulva parents love to point this fact

As a mother of two daughters under four, I decided to research my options via the parents on my Facebook page Surviving A Sleep Thief and had some pretty amusing results.However, I can confirm it is the name of Miss Piggy’s poodle in the Muppet Show, a song by Santana and, according to the urban dictionary, an adjective used to describe anything that is just a little too fancy.The obvious choice or so I thought.After I revealed to friends that I had ‘gone with vagina,’ I discovered that a lot of parents are almost afraid of this word. I have no idea why.Like some other slang words for lady bits (that I will NOT mention) it is not used in a sexual way or as a swear word.It is just a body part. However, my choice also upset the Vulva people (see below).So my use of the word ‘vagina’ is incorrect as it refers to the inner part of the female genital tract not the external part (the vulva).I know this because the Vulva parents love to point this fact out to us ignorant Vagina parents.I quite like this one.

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