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I usually stuff my quilt in the bottom loosely so it fills out

Our general approach is to reflect on what we take and ask ourselves the question: Do I really need that?Here a general rule of thumb diagram.I usually stuff my quilt in the bottom loosely so it fills out the shape of the pack (inside a large plastic bag to keep it dry), stuff my tent loosely on top of that if it dry, then clothes, food, ditty bag, cook kit, and jacket on top.Sometimes I use a thin foam sleeping pad as back padding and sometimes I just use some clothes for padding if I strapping my sleeping pad on the outside of the pack. If my tent is wet then I slip it into the big outside mesh pocket of my pack so it doesn get the stuff in the pack wet and so I can stop later to dry it in the sun. If I expecting rain then I put all my dry clothes in the plastic bag along with my quilt and stick my rain gear in the big outside mesh pocket of my pack so it easy to grab when the rain comes.

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