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Not even considering to try verbal or hand to hand tactics

Ever Rise To The Occasion

Canada Goose Outlet If we were to look at the youtube footage of Robert Dziekanski’s death by taser; or the shooting of Sammy Yatim on a Toronto street car; or if we look at the US case of Trayvon Martin being shot be George Zimmerman; they all have an obvious commonality: Canada Goose Outlet

buy canada goose jacket cheap They all happened due to improper training, grossly improper attitude, and poor preparation. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose clearance sale I am going to tell all of you something here: we never rise to the occasion. We default to our habits and training, and we are the product of our actions, thoughts and deeds. canada goose clearance sale

Simply put, all the heroes you hear about in the news doing the right canada goose outlet online uk thing, at the right time, with the right amount of force, have practiced over, and over, and over again. They are recognized as heroes because there was a real threat and circumstance for those people to address the situation they trained for.

canada goose You could think of it this way; people who are recognized as heroes always were because they trained for the moment when the situation arose. We are the product of our habits. canada goose

Now what happens when you don’t train for situations that you could find yourself in? Life and death situations, ones that Police, Security, Military, like George Zimmerman, self appointed Neighborhood Watchman could find themselves in? If you have no training, or forgot your training, or hubris prevents you from training (as with too many police, security, and military) you will make horrible mistakes.

canada goose black friday sale If we were to look at the Vancouver Airport incident with Robert Dziekanski’s death, the youtube video points out some obvious problems. The first being that there is a Mountie clearly heard saying before he even got near Robert canada goose outlet woodbury Dziekanski that he wanted to taser him. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose uk shop The second problem is not endeavoring to communicate with Robert Dziekanski, as there were no personnel in the airport in immediate danger. As long as Robert Dziekanski posed no immediate threat to anyone, using force was unwarranted. canada goose uk shop

Lastly, four younger Mounties should be able to handle a guy past 40 without using a taser. It is not like Robert Dziekanski was a pro MMA fighter like Randy canada goose outlet real Couture, or Boxer like George Foreman. They had a categorical, moral imperative to try other measures before resorting canada goose outlet to tasering with a weapon.

The bottom line is this: because the four Mounties at the YVR Airport did not train enough training or refused to train for a moment like that, they cost a man his life.

Now I am going to acknowledge that after Robert Dziekanski was tasered, he was experiencing excited delirium canada goose outlet new york and did resist only after canada goose victoria parka outlet he was being tasered. The problem with excited delirium is that the body temperature raises quite high and starts to cook the brain. You couple that with adrenalin, and you have someone who is really not thinking right. Given that Robert Dziekanski was (in my opinion) unjustly attacked, his brain would perceive grave danger and go into such a excited state that he went into.

Mounties do have training regarding excited delirium taught to them at Depot in Regina (RCMP Training Academy Division F). Now I am going to offer my thoughts based on my own training and experience as to why these Mounties failed so horribly:

cheap Canada Goose Due to their lack of training ( meaning they did not practice and drill enough on their own) they let their own fear and adrenalin dictate what they did. When fear consumes us we make stupid decisions (even cowardice). cheap Canada Goose

cheap canada goose uk Hubris or sloth prevented them from training. cheap canada goose uk

Canada Goose Coats On Sale Because fear consumed them they relied on the taser as their primary means of control. Not even considering to try verbal or hand to hand tactics. Yes Robert Dziekanski was Polish and couldn’t speak English, but two Mounties making a non aggressive gesture like bring him a coffee and pointing to a chair to sit and beginning negotiations was not even tried. I have personally watched a Mountie do this with a suspect much the same as Robert Dziekanski at a Via Rail Station in Jasper. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

Batons, pepper spray, and tasers should never be the first answer to physical force unless there is weapons involved or grievous bodily harm. Control tactics are a standard response first and foremost if the person is not compliant. This can verified by the use of force pyramid I have included in this article. This Mounties jumped the gun and went too far, too soon, too quick.

Let us examine the shooting death of Sammy Yatim on a Toronto street car. The video is made public on youtube and for the most part, speaks for itself. What is of interest, is canada goose outlet germany that the officer in question fired the shots, 9 of them, in 11 seconds.

Breaking down the shots, it would appear that there was (according to the video) a 3 round burst to start, followed by a slow four round burst, then two separate single round discharges. It is unclear by the street light as well as the officer in shorts being in the way of view of the officers arms and hands, but there is some sound that I believe could be the slide being pulled for the last round. There is definitely a sound consistent with someone pulling the slide on a firearm as there was a mechanical sound before the last round being discharged (clearing a breach, jam, or bad round).

Toronto Police carry the Glock 22 chambered in 40 cal S Sammy Yatim hit the floor in the first 3 shots. Now if we are to look at a 40 cal S bullet, it is a heavier round, 180 grains. Toronto Police have jacketed hollow point ammo for maximum stopping power (meaning that the bullet has a hollow point in it to cause expansion, thus causing greater energy dump into the target, greater hydrological shock to the body, and create larger wound channels with less penetration). Truth be told, I would choose this platform and ammo for myself as this causes maximum damage and stoppage.

I was curious as to the destructive power of this set up so I youtubed the footage and saw that all of the 5 videos I viewed, they all shot ballistic gel, and used 40 cal s 180 jacketed hollow point. The hand gun that the bullet was fired from was different in 3 of the videos, but the same ammo. The results are impressive or revolting depending on where you stand on the topic:

There was consistently 13 to 18 inches of penetration through the gel or 15.5 inch average.

The wound channel started to expand an inch to three inches upon impact, going from.40 inches to.74 inches.

The bullet retains most of it’s weight after fragmentation (meaning the bullet opens up like a flower).

These numbers are averaged, but even still, the destructive capability of this round is canada goose outlet store montreal impressive. Bottom line: this makes a big hole, puts out lots of kinetic energy, and most people do not survive one round to the chest cavity, multiple is over kill.

What is interesting to note is that after the shooting, Sammy Yatim’s corpse was tasered. I say corpse because the kinetic energy canada goose outlet in toronto created by this round (hydrological shock) would have collapsed his lungs with the first round hitting anywhere in the torso including his stomach. Further, the hydrological pressure on his heart would have been enough to stop it. Electric current generated by the taser is enough to generate false synaptic firing to make the deceased’s body move. Likely the police in their excited state would mistake the corpse’s movement as sign’s of life.

In this instance the use of force scale was not adhered to. There was no one in immediate danger or suffering grievous bodily harm. There was no deescalation tactics attempted on the scene. The taser was only deployed after the deceased was shot multiple times.

Now if we turn our attention to south of the border with the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, we see an out of shape, unskilled, corpulent wanna be shooting a teenage boy needlessly. I say needlessly because in www.canadagooseparka.biz/a> the televised part of the proceeding we heard the self defense expert testify that George Zimmerman could have defended himself against Trayvon Martin without canada goose outlet kokemuksia lethal force, but that he could not because he was unskilled, and «too feeble» to perform the techniques in question to save himself.

This is why skilled neighborhood watch groups like the Guardian Angels (many of whom are Martial Artists, Boxers, Wrestlers or skilled in some combative art) patrol in groups know how to handle themselves are orientated in use of force and are screened for truly altruistic motivations (meaning they are not there to be self important).

Now if we look at the history of the three mentioned cases above, we see that they all have some eerie commonalities:.