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Religious extremism works like plague

Lots of coffee and sodas, so they’d have a lot of energy. I can’t say it was energy for fighting. But let’s say it was energy to keep them ‘alert.'»Scammers Were Common. Then one day my son in law let me in on the secret that he had bought a cockapoo puppy for our youngest daughter for Christmas and our newest addition, June, entered our family. I was determined I would not bond with her but the nex next morning in walks an adorable fuzz ball of brown puppy and it was love at first site. She was the happiest dog I had ever seen and all she wanted was love.

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After Afghanistan, Pakistan probably is the other nation where we find the civilisation taking a step back to the pre historic era. Religious extremism works like plague, seizing the mind, body and soul. It is a well recognised fact that whenever and wherever in the world there have been religious movements, freedom of women becomes the first casualty.

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