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But we’re also grateful that our city and our bar and restaurant community has supported us this whole time,» he said. It seated 10 people at a time in an intimate boutique space hidden inside the more punk rock Passenger bar. Both bars (run respectively by brothers Derek and Tom Brown) shuttered in early 2015, when the building was converted https://www.queenreplicaceline.com because of development.

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Hoang and Ann Nguyen fled Vietnam in 1978 as part of that flotilla of refugees called the «boat people,» and they prospered here in other fields before opening Pho Real in 2005. For years, Ann’s late mother, Thanh Huong Nguyen, had urged her daughter to open a restaurant in America, just as the elder had done in Vietnam. Once Hoang and Ann’s children were old enough to help run a business, the couple decided to act on the matriarch’s advice.

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