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(The broad classifications ICE uses to code offenses for

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uk canada Canada Goose Outlet goose outlet The short answer is: Yes. Actions have consequences. And the actions that Ford says Kavanaugh took in 1982 are alarming. The data, obtained through the Freedom of canada goose outlet black friday Information Act, offer canada goose uk the first detailed look at ICE’s shifting arrest strategy since President Donald Trump took office and scrapped his predecessor’s system of prioritizing the removal of people with serious criminal records or prior deportations.Many of the convictions and charges canada goose factory outlet vancouver of those ICE arrested last year canada goose outlet legit were serious offenses, including approximately 2,000 crimes involving sexual abuse of minors,nearly 200 hundred convictions for willful homicides committed with weapons, and more than 4,500 cases of stolen vehicles.But most of the convictions canada goose outlet las vegas and charges amount to the same sorts of mundane offenses that clog canada goose outlet woodbury state courts and county jails on a daily basis. And many canada goose outlet miami of the offenses recorded in the data appear far pettier than the broader headings ICE now uses to canada goose outlet orlando classify them in itsend of year reports. (The broad classifications ICE uses to code offenses for agency bookkeeping predated Trump but did not typically appear in previous end of year reports.)Perhaps the most misleading of those headings is «Dangerous Drugs.» More than 9,300 one sixth of the convictions for arrestees logged by ICE were for simple marijuana possession or unspecified weed charges. uk canada goose outlet

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Canada Goose online As uncomfortable as this might be, we will ultimately need to accept that we are all flawed. Most of us, deeply. In a world that electronically records everything, we will no longer be able to delude ourselves canada goose outlet in new york that perfection exists. This latest development, after weeks of legal back and forth over the depositions of Ross and Gore, puts pressure on the plaintiffs’ attorneys preparing for the first potential trial over the citizenship question. That trial is expected to start on Nov. District Court for the canada goose outlet store uk Southern District of New York Canada Goose online.

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