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Update 4/22/2015: The USDA now says that around 3 million

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Replica Hermes Police officer who ‘pulled sickies to go horseracing’ and was caught out live on Channel 4 is sackedPC hermes fourbi replica Jonathan Adams had denied gross misconduct and told a disciplinary hearing at Gloucestershire police HQ that he was genuinely ill, but went racing as hermes birkin replica ebay a form of therapy for his stress, migraines, and irritable bowel syndromeGet daily news updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersThank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee hermes replica belt our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailA police officer who was caught out by TV cameras at the horse races after calling in sick to work has been sacked.PC Jonathan Adams had denied gross misconduct and told a disciplinary hearing at Gloucestershire police HQ that he was genuinely ill, but went racing as a form of therapy for his stress, migraines, and irritable bowel syndrome.But a tribunal which heard his case over a period of two days ruled that he had been dishonest and that going to race meetings was not compatible with his supposed symptoms.The tribunal chairman, lawyer Alex Lock, said he and his two colleagues had unanimously concluded that the symptoms he described were «not compatible with the activities he said he undertook in going racing.»Mr Lock said «One could not realistically do both. We were forced to conclude, in those circumstances, that he was not suffering to the degree he said he was.»This calls into question the Fake Hermes Bags credibility hermes aaaa replica of the evidence he gave. We replica hermes silk scarves find the allegations of against him to be upheld.»As the allegations relate to his honesty and integrity they must fall into the category of gross misconduct.»The tribunal had heard that PC Adams, from Ross on replica hermes mens wallet Wye, was a probationer officer and had been working under high pressure in the short staffed Barton Street police station in Gloucester.He blamed his illnesses plus symptoms of anxiety and depression on the hard pressed working environment.His best hermes birkin replica handbags evidence about conditions at Barton Street were backed up by his sergeant, Matt Puttock, and a former chief inspector, Richard Burge, who both gave character evidence for him.Both described him as an excellent police officer who is now doing a great job in a community based team which has successfully tackled a spate of begging and shoplifting in Gloucester city centre.PC Adams had told the tribunal that on 30th Sept 2015, 6th April 2016 and June 17th last year he was genuinely ill and called in sick.(Image: Channel4 Racing)On the first two dates he travelled to Nottingham Races to see a horse called Little Lady Katie, in which he had a two and a half percent share in an owners syndicate called Onto a Winner.Then on June 17th he went to Royal Ascot and watched another horse owned by the same syndicate but in which he did not have a personal share called Quiet Reflection win the Commonwealth Cup.The panel saw a ten second TV clip of him celebrating the win, raising his fists hermes watch band replica to the camera.PC Adams said on all three occasions he decided it would do him more good to go to the races than stay at home because racecourses were his ‘happy place’ and helped alleviate his symptoms of crippling stomach ache and stabbing pains or migraine headache.In giving the tribunal decision the chairman said the panel had taken into account the effect that the tough conditions at Barton Street Police station would have had on the officer.»We accept that Barton Street was a difficult and pressured working environment,» he said. Replica Hermes

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