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When Alfa turned 2, her mother had to flee Ethiopia to escape

Sarah and William are two of the numerous spirits said to haunt the grounds of the plantation, which offers daytime and nighttime tours. Guests have reported hearing a woman, possibly Sarah, crying, or seeing a doorknob turning and finding it warm to the touch, among other occurrences. Often, they smell Sarah’s perfume, then hear William’s footsteps..

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I say it again: most of the composers we now call didn think that what they were. Beethoven, Berlioz, Mahler and Wagner didn want their works to be part of a mausoleum of the sequestered from the world in the way that the section of the record shop used to be hidden behind frosted panes of glass. No: their music was made to exist in dialogue with the joys and messes of the real world, which is where it should still be today.

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