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Paul is correct to critique the militarization of local police in America. But that’s not a new phenomenon when it comes to black communities in America it’s been the norm since the 1960s. And the demilitarization argument does nothing to challenge nor change the fact that «nearly two times a week in the United States, a white police officer killed a black person during a seven year period ending in 2012», according to FBI statistics.

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What Oron missed was that if he would have tuned in to the hourly newscast an hour earlier or an hour later, he would have heard the report that he was seeking. And while the afternoon Weekends On All Things Considered did not have a report about the march, the day’s morning program, Weekend Edition Sunday, ran a four minute story by New York bureau reporter Joel Rose, who was with the marchers. The Two Way blog, which follows major breaking events, had the aforementioned online story..

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